Short on productivity? 

Introducing our 24K Colloidal Gold.

Our 24k Colloidal Gold Supplement is designed to fuel your Brain, and ultimately increase your productivity and motivation. It's goal is not only to help you recover astonishingly well during your sleep, relieving you from the stress-ridden anxiety that deteriorates your mind throughout the day, but also to provide you with the calmness your mind needs during each time-consuming and productive task you're faced with - giving you the prolonged sharpness and concentration that enables you to confidently accomplish your goals.

Real Results. Real People.

I have been taking Astral Gains for six days now and already notice a massive improvement in my energy levels as well as concentration & motivation! I suffer with Anxiety and have done for years, I recently took myself off the medication I was taking for it and in just six days of taking this, I already feel calmer, more able to make decisions without freaking out about the possible outcome.  

by Leanne Lock

I’ve been using this for 9 days now, I feel more calm in stressful situations and more focused. It helps with my recovery in addiction too, the dreams are so vivid nightly too and my skin feels amazing. Highly recommend this thank you!

Kim Lowe

Just like everyone I was sceptical when I first heard about this & was eager to try to see for myself. After over a week of 10ml a day I’m definitely seeing some results in different ways. The two big ones for me are sleeping much better & reduced stress levels big time! Along being focused a little more in training too.

Jordan Allen

Was skeptical at first, on the first day onit I felt more alert and my head felt a lot clearer, 2 weeks in now and all I can say is I feel like a new person, motivation levels have increased highly, I can concentrate on tasks a lot better than I could before.   

Regan Mclachlan 

My mindset has completely changed and I have never felt more focused and motivated which was my intention for taking gold potion. Before I never felt like I could reach my goals and now it’s like tunnel vision.

by Lynette Peach


or your money back 

The trust we have in our formula compels us to give you a 30-day 100% Money Back Guarantee. If you're not happy with our 24K Colloidal Gold, we insist you send it back (or what remains of it) and we'll pay you back in full.

Very Simple.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is 24K Colloidal Gold?

24K Colloidal Gold is an all-natural mineral supplement composed of nanoparticles of PURE gold suspended in fluoride free, double steam distilled water, with an addition of specific ingredients that aid in neurological and bodily functions. Users have reported an incredible increase in mental sharpness, energy, better sleep and overall calmness.

How does 24K Colloidal Gold work?

Upon ingesting our 24K Colloidal Gold, your body absorbs its properties into the bloodstream.

The gold nanoparticles in the Colloidal Gold are then carried through the bloodstream into the brain, where they eventually cross the brain barrier and merge with the brain cells. More information regarding 24K Colloidal Gold's ingredients is available on the product's page.

When is the best time to take 24K Colloidal Gold?

When will you need to be at your best? For most, it is in the morning before their busy schedule starts. For others, it's later. It's recommended not to take 24K Colloidal Gold before bed as all that extra energy and motivation can impair your quality of sleep.

Is 24K Colloidal Gold cruelty free?

24K Colloidal Gold has no animal ingredients contained in its recipe. Being 100% Vegan, It relies on all-natural plant-based ingredients and minerals, none of which are dangerous to your health or interact with any other medication.

Are there any side effects?

You're  only susceptible to side-effects if you're allergic to gold and its ingredients. Other than that, and according to what has been reported thus far, our 24K Colloidal Gold is free from side-effects and completely safe to use - you can even increase our recommended dosage for more prominent effects. Just remember if you stop taking our Colloidal Gold you will return to your normal self, without Gold!

How much should i take?

Once you buy the 24K Colloidal Gold, a small 10ml spoon is included to measure your daily intakes. You have to figure out your daily intake for optimal results as each person is a different case.

How quickly can i get 24K Colloidal Gold?

24K Colloidal Gold deliveries in the UK Mainland are free and in normal conditions should only take 2-3 days to arrive on your doorstep. Our product can also be shipped worldwide but the time may vary between 5-10 working days or longer depending on your country of residence.


Discover the unparalleled benefits of 24K Colloidal Gold


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